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Y’all wouldn’t know nothing about that. Now go get on that bus. Uh, sir, have they raped you yet? Tell me what you think about that! I thought this was a democracy, you autocratic motherfucker. Now we can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way the choice is yours.

Punch you right in your motherfucking temple, nigga. What’s it gonna be? This is all my f-fault. Well, I may not have a God-given right to white bitches, but I do have a God-given right to ask for white bitches. Stay away from that tossed-salad guy! I asked you a question, Tom.

Witth work my ass off. I got it for you hard. Listen, you have to help! It don’t make me no difference. Tom is going to face his fears head on. Tom, you getting raped.

It aired on June 27, Games Movies TV Wikis. HUEY No plan, huh? Who the fuck is this Executive Riot Committee? TOM You guys go ahead.

They don’t fear jail at all, which means they’ll probably end up there if no one does anything. You cannot take my boo-ty.

You step in here, you getting raped. These boys need this trip. If something happens, it’s your fault. I ain’t really enjoy it, not that much. I mean, I’d do anything in the motherfucking world just for things to be different. TOM The booty is mine, it belongs to me, you cannot take my booty. Season 3 The Boondocks. You see me looking at you.

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First motion to introduce a demand for rafification: Uh, booty is more important than escaping. The episode opens with “footage” from an unaired episode of To Catch a Predatorin which Chris Hansen is raped by ” the Booty Warrior “.

And you know what that means, boohdocks you? TOM I love you, sweetie. Club graded the episode a B. Please add “bitches” to the official list of demands.

Tom Dubois dith, having recently conquered his phobia of “being sent to prison and anally raped”, volunteers to lead the group. Because all you did was run. Sign In Don’t have an account?

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Baboon Bama’ll be in here soon too. Way to go, buddy. Shit, it felt good to the motherfucker though. All in favor of ending the riot. Make a list of reasonable demands in exchange for the hostages and this might all work out. Tom, are you crazy? I’m talking to you! Tell me what you think about that! Tom was a crusader for gay marriage. Well, if we gonna do this shit, we need to do it right. TOM I’m inside the a date with the booty warrior boondocks episode.

HUEY If we did, do you think we’d still be here?

A Date with the Booty Warrior

Sean Penn is amazing. TOM And to prove it, tomorrow I’m going to prison. What kind of a fucked up question is that?

Gimme your ass, nigga. The first is that both of your boys are expelled from school.