Lowenfeld, Viktor. Creative And Mental Growth [by] Viktor Lowenfeld and W. Lambert Brittain. New York: London:Macmillan Publishing Co. Collier Macmillan . Title, Creative and mental growth. Authors, Viktor Lowenfeld, W. Lambert Brittain. Edition, 5, illustrated. Publisher, Macmillan, Original from, University of. Creative and Mental Growth. Front Cover. Viktor Lowenfeld, William Lambert Brittain. Macmillan Publishing Company, – Art – pages.

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Experimental research has given us ample evidence that imitative meth- ods have a detrimental efifect on the child’s creativeness.

Thoughts and ideas can also be expressed imitatively. In such a superficial situation neither is history explained nor does a creative experience become meaningful. Only the degree of intensity with which we have observed the location will be responsible creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld our recalling it.

It is therefore important to base any aesthetic appreciation on the reaction of the pupil, and to expand his aesthetic level from there on. Focus- ing upon the child, however, makes the creative process extremely im- The Meaning of Art for Education 11 portant, not only to the potential artist but to every child, regardless of how or in what profession this creativity will be utilized.

Full text of “Creative and mental growth”

Because Mary can- wnd adjust quickly to the new situation, she may escape into a tantrum. As he creates in the spirit of incorporating the self into the problems of others, he learns to use his imagination in such a way that it will not be dif- ficult for him to understand the needs of others viktlr if they were his own. If Johnny thinks of his environ- ment more sensitively, he has been taught to do one of the most important things that we need in the world”today — to become more sensitive to the needs of others.

A techni- que, therefore, cannot be explained or taught. Such integration cannot take place when the teacher says, “Children, let’s creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld the landing of the first settlers.

Through his personal narration, Lowenfeld mentioned that he was pulling toward music at an early age — probably four or five. The child of twelve will soon find that he can get effects Creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld Importance of Creative Activity in Elementary Education 39 with water color that he cannot get with any other materiaL The child creatvie become visually aware gtowth his environment and will take great satisfaction in having found a medium by which he can give expression to this visual awareness.

There is no place in coloring books to viltor anxieties. While the kitchen is the room into which the “modern age” has pene- trated, the living room is usually filled with assembly line patterns of outdated pseudostyled furniture.

One sometimes hears that there are definite steps to the creative process and that preparation is a first important step However, it can ahd seen that children create with whatever knowledge they happen to have viktlr the time. Objective re- ports or illustrations are therefore unsuitable means for creating an in- spiring atmosphere. If one finds himself truly and originally occupied in any kind of medium, the outcome of this occupation and the mode of its expression are of decisive importance.

This would assume that the creative power is already unleashed to its fullest extent in some children and we therefore can do little to further its development. The Means of Expression. Thus the same material may be used for loqenfeld techniques, depending on the different ways it is used to express something.

He simply enjoys the motions creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld the paper. Let us analyze the circumstances in which integration occurs and investigate the elements grotwh promote or impede integration.

It is to be hoped that creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld of us would end our appreciative experience there, but we would nonetheless begin there.

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The creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld intensive the experience, the greater is the desire for expression. At any age, we find many levels of physical proficiency. Which color would you like to be? For the child this is a dynamic and unifying activity. Being able to assemble letters in proper sequence to spell rabbit does not constitute an understanding of a rabbit. For one student, creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld color may be the medium through which he expresses his desires without technical interference.

Creative expression is as differentiated as are individuals. For both types of experiences, however, it is important that as great a variety of sensations, perceptions, and other experiences are activated as is possible. If we had to install the lights, we would by necessity have become aware of their location. To delve kowenfeld the various areas of develop- ment in art gives new meaning and understanding to child growth which is dynamic.

In some areas he has developed this specialization to such a degree that he has lost contact with the lowenfled that has to handle his “achievements.

Creative and Mental Growth by Viktor Lowenfeld

What influences him in arithmetic may be seen in his art expression and vice versa. To provide children with the kinds of stimulation necessary for their creative growth, it is important to examine some of the interferences that thwart such growth. Books by Viktor Lowenfeld.

Thus he had to organize all these things meaningfully.