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List of Fairy Tail episodes season 5. Devil Fruit users, merman, huge giants and bounty hunters all stand in the path to their success! Cry Heart Other 3 eps – August 18, []. On the third night of the Grand Magic Games, Fairy Tail visits the popular water park Ryuzetsu Land to relax, meeting and playing with various other competitors from the tournament. When Lucy tries to appeal to Nightwalker to save her friends, she attempts to kill her by dropping Lucy out of a tower, though Lucy is saved by Happy and Carla’s timely arrival. The box is revealed to contain jewels that Hilda, shortly before her death, promised Erza would receive from a “cat princess” Lucy once she became an adult.

After being defeated by Gray and Loke, Mest convinces Wendy to help him look for a secret he claims to be hidden on the island. Phoenix Priestess Dragon Cry. Retrieved February 17, Torn from each other, cursing the world, we were nothing more than pawns meant to seal Zero. Before the second act can commence, Randolph is arrested by the marines for selling stolen weapons to pirates, and boards the ship to prove his innocence. September 16, [24].

They soon arrive at Winter Island, a freezing land where the snow never melts – and they receive a rather frosty reception. July 29, [17]. Django’s Dance Carnival Alt title: Episode 73 in Japanese.

List of Fairy Tail episodes (season 3)

June 30, []. Gohan – Goku’s son – and a variety of good, bad, and morally ambiguous characters are back, and perpetually not ready for action! Mugiwara Chase Other 1 ep 2. However, a fight with Carla means that she is going to Onibus alone.

List of Fwiry Tail episodes season 7.

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Thus the Era of Dreams begins, a historic age when Pirates traverse the oceans in search of riches, glory, and most importantly, destiny. Long Ring Long Land-hen Alt title: The Luffy Pirates are taking part in a baseball match to determine who will be the Pirate Baseball Kings. Episode of Sorajima Alt title: The Fairy Tail wizards return to Earth-land and see not only that Magnolia has fairy tail episode 74 english sub anime queen restored, but that the Exceed have followed them as well.

Relishing in Erza’s pain, Midnight licks his lips, sadistically stating that he wishes to fairy tail episode 74 english sub anime queen more agony etched unto Quen face. Also, having taken an instant liking to him, can Luffy persuade Chopper to become his comrade and join the crew of the Thousand Sunny? Retrieved August 26, July 15, [15]. Retrieved May 11, Midnight then dodges Erza’s thrown sword and attacks her with his Magic once more, completely demolishing her armor.

Carla begrudgingly accepts the explanation and forgives the Exceed, who set out to find the remaining Exceed children.

Faust begins his plan to use the Dragon Queej Cannon to fuse the Magnolia lacrima into Extalia and destroy them together so that magic can rain upon Edolas forever. Can the Straw Hats defeat “Z” and his crew, or will the New World meet aub end at the hands of this mad man? Erza savagely beats up the Phantom students, aided by delinquents Natsu and Gray, but she is spotted and dumped by a terrified Siegrain.

With all-out mafia wars coming to a dramatic conclusion and Mugiwara monsters bickering over treasure, life is never dull for the Straw Hat Crew. The series uses 44 different pieces of theme music: In the present, after the boys are caught trying to peep on the girls, Mavis decides to lend the guild her support for the tournament. November 3, []. We believed ankme had fairy tail episode 74 english sub anime queen saved by Brain. Mashirito has kidnapped a hostage and now, alongside the likes of Naruto, Luffy and even Bobobo bobo, Sena must try and gairy the helpless Mamori and find a way to return to the real world.

When Mystogan confronts Natsu and defeats him, Mystogan is revealed fairy tail episode 74 english sub anime queen be the Prince of Edolas to the people. September 4, [16]. The Earth-land wizards succeed in preventing Extalia’s demise, but the battle is not over.

February 11, [51]. Tags Promotional Stop Motion Animation. April 14, [].

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When the lacrima suddenly disappears, Mystogan arrives to explain that he has fairy tail episode 74 english sub anime queen Magnolia and thanks Panther Lily for saving his life while Lily reveals Mystogan is Prince Jellal of Edolas. Now Luffy, Zoro, and Medaka must infiltrate Ganzack’s base in order to rescue the villagers and Nami.

The wizards open the box to find a crude drawing of Mavis and the guild’s founders, which is framed in Natsu’s house, now perched atop the tall, unearthed tree.

However, when Hoteye states that he doesn’t wish to fight and is berated by his comrades, Midnight tells them all that it doesn’t matter and that as they’ve obtained freedom, they can each do with it what they wish; smiling and moving forward, Midnight tells everyone that his name is Macbeth and that he’ll destroy fairy tail episode 74 english sub anime queen who stands in the way of his freedom.

Lucy investigates a suspiciously rewardless job posting that requests a female recipient to come to Fairy Hills, Fairy Tail’s all-female dormitory.

Macbeth used his Magic Carpet as a means of transport during his constant bouts of sleeping. July 15, [61].

Retrieved May 19, April 21, []. Mugiwara Chase Movie 1 ep