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Episode 10 by LollyPip. I really have no words. I liked the ending. If they go like this, Dad will take the shop, and then what will she do? As for Chi Soo, he became a worker because he like and wanted to see Chi Soo everyday. I’m going to treat this one like an early Christmas present:

I want to know how Ba Wool and Hyun Woo were doing besides the whole reindeer gig. Kim Hye Soo Cameo. Oh Hee Joon Supporting Cast. Goodbye cute bromances galore. Eun-Bi barges into President Cha’s office. Drama Recaps Greasy Melo:

I really loved the idea that kang hyuk did the narration part for the types of ramyun at the end. Did she visit overnight with Water Balloon? Well she changed a little, but not by much.

She tries to catch a cab, but none will take her I’m pretty sure she’d have better luck if she stopped waving that plunger around, but who am I to judge. Open Thread Open Thread by mary.

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The drama means a lot more to me with this conclusion — that they get their happy ending, not because they were Meant To Be or anything so dramatic as that, but because they followed their hearts. Okay, I love this drama.

Subb she gets ready for Dong-Joo’s wedding, Kang-Hyuk asks her why she’s acting the way she is. Then nothing would ever happen to him. YES its supposed to be realistic. Hyun-Woo is accosted by a pretty woman in the bathroom His voice breaks and the tears come. So she just hauls ass down the street, running like the wind in her dress and heels. That one last look at the empty ramyun shop gives us that perfect bittersweet tinge, like it was just the place and the time that they all needed to set them on their courses.

Ba-Ool remarks to the other guys that she reminds him of Eun-Bi’s father after his wife, Eun-Bi’s mother, passed away. Jung Il-woo is an amazing actor, and this only proves it. I am flower boy ramyun shop episode 16 part 1 eng sub amazed and impressed with him, I can’t even begin to describe it.

Thank god nothing like that happened in this drama. Excellent write up, Rinka, and I couldn’t agree more about our awesome hosts! Thanks for the wonderful recaps, girls. A bromance, once nurtured by mutual ramyun-sharing, is not so easily broken.

How hilarious is it that they brought him back to give us that moment of satisfaction? Also, he has broken eposode his anxiety, dating a korean woman with warm heart, experience a life journey filling with love, caring, mutual support etc. Kanghyuk our Pillar and adorkable resident Panda will always have my heart. Ba-Ool and Hyun-Woo tear up a little bit when revealing their tasty and heartfelt ramen dishes for eachother.

The secretary looks back at the lonely President Cha with a sigh. Waiting all night for the recap. He may shhop tell Chisoo about it, but his son is the only thing he values in the world.

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I wonder how Shut Up: Especially when the hoodlum, Bawool, our resident Yankee hahaha, ok, maybe not that much of a hoodlum is such a big softy himself. She goes out there and grabs what or who she wants with style. But finally, it was one of the sweetest final in Korean Drama.

Lfower you ladies for a the wonderful recap! Tq jb n gf! Shukmeister December 20, at 9: