• Horror
  • by admin
  • August 8, 2018


I’m going to get a heart attack. Let him remain there. And where do you stay? And you’ll go back to Mrs. You’re an amazing man! This is a sweet-lime. Godinho, God always gives us the right signals. She is not your wife.

You have the talent. And where do you stay? The song is a sure hit. I’ve got your address with great difficulty. What is it about? Gave me electric shocks!

Break his arms and legs! Everyone who comes here claims he’s a great singer. You can’t leave me like this! Whereas it is not Romi!

You’re very lucky in cards. I have something to discuss with you. He’s only wishing you. I must see Mr. This is a very big studio.

Do you know what he wanted most? Please let me go And please let me go. She’s going to be fine. We want to know if he’s really mad or whether he’s faking it. I eat the remains of sweet-lime and orange.

He doesn’t, he means. When husband and wife step into their home for the first time You’ll find your dream-girl too! Do you want 20,00, instead? Why’s she so formal with me?! The ticket checker caught you and the police hit you with sticks.

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You must buy a bike. My Papa has inconvenienced you. I’ll marry neither you nor her! Brother’s been asking for him. You took Pooja to the Goddess’s temple, didn’t you? There’s a temple near your house. Godinho came into my life and gave me her love. There are cops too. I’m glad, you didn’t sell coconuts. What has that to do with singing? That’s the lady’s husband. It was with my friend. Did that really happen?

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Everything else in it is my interest. Godinho who taught me music Why would he allow you? She’s the daughter of Bharat Oberoi! Why not in real life? Let him remain there. He’ll die of a heart attack. Why’s it out there? Why am I always the fall guy?