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No specific mention of Spider-Man is made. In the end, Gene saves Pepper, Count Nefaria and Black Knight got arrested and the Tong soldiers find out that the man they’ve been following is not the Mandarin. When Stane builds duplicates of the Iron Man armors called the Guardsmen consisting of Force , Shockwave and Firepower , Tony must reveal they are frauds. AIM needs him to be a power source for their greatest creation, and when Iron Man arrives to rescue the Laser, he’s too late. Kevin Burke, Chris “Doc” Wyatt. Eventually, Gene allows the dragon to eat him, saving Pepper and passing the test; reemerging with the gauntlet and all five rings, he reveals himself to be the Mandarin. He then uses a virus called ‘Technovore’ to destroy Pegasus’ advanced AI Delphi, both to defeat the Dynamo and prevent Stane from acquiring detailed technical data on Iron Man.

Knocking Rhodey unconscious, Gene attempts to defeat the statues as the Mandarin but it is Tony and Pepper who realize the sword is the key to passing the test. However, a Maggia member named Arthur Parks becomes the Living Laser through use of an experimental vest stolen during a raid. A marksman like Hawkeye. The Living Laser is dying, and Tony Stark is trying to save his life. June 14, [14]. Iron Man flies to space to fight the Laser, but Fury gives him a minute window in which to defuse the situation before he sets a self-destruct in the station off in order to prevent the Laser from destroying New York.

The appearance of Tony’s deceased mother, Maria, is given when Madame Masque shape shifts into her. When Justin Hammer bombards War Machine with artificial cosmic waves, the possible effects he suggests hardening like a statuebursting into iron man armored adventures season 2 episode 13 part 1melting into a puddle of gooor vanishing into thin air are clearly a nod to the Fantastic Four.

Beginning with this episode, this episode began to air on NickToons formerly called Nicktoons Network. Roberta Rhodes mentions a court case called “Lieber Vs. But after years in space, all Vanko wants is revenge on the people who left him behind Introduction of Mallen and the Extremis storyplot. Stark mentions that there are “other heroes” when he decides to retire from being Iron Man. This is the final episode in the series.

October 17, [19].

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Episode list using the default LineColor. The suit has mxn ability to detect enemy power signatures, and when Tony attempts to find, and not fight, Mr.

June 25, [34]. Meanwhile, Gene, having imprisoned Zhang, appears as the Mandarin and takes Stane’s ring.

Retrieved October 22, Rhodey abandons the suit, and Happy, finding it empty, puts it on. Murdock does not appear on camera. Howard Stark hologram version mentioned that Rhodey’s father was named David. Now Tony, Rhodey and Pepper have to save the world and battle the Makluan aliens with Mandrin without rings. Near the end, Tony interrupts her again only to kiss her on the cheek and hug her. Pepper attempts to tell Tony her iron man armored adventures season 2 episode 13 part 1 romantic feelings towards him, but keeps getting interrupted.

Unfortunately, Doctor Doom has plans of his own for Iron Man, and his seemingly magical powers seem to much for Iron Man to handle.

July 3, [51]. Tony is excited that he finally defeat one of his enemies, saying that what they need to win is better tech, weapons, and to stay ahead. Freed by the Tong, Zhang recovers the rings from Gene, then kidnaps Tony and Pepper, taking the fourth ring and destroying the factory above the Armory. As a result, Justin Hammer uses the rebuilt Titanium Man armor to steal the UI Chip and the three must reluctantly team up to get it back. June 12, [7]. Tony, his friends and Gene search the ancient ruins where his father first found one of the Makluan Rings and discover a carving explaining the history of the rings and that for each one there’s a test established by the first Mandarin intended to determine the worthiness of his heirs and activate to each ring’s power.

The following is an episode list for the Marvel Animation television series Iron Man: Spider-Man does not appear on-screen. But this causes the iron man armored adventures season 2 episode 13 part 1 to start hating Iron Man, as they believe that he is simply jealous of the town’s new heroes.

But when the army soldiers led by General Thunderbolt Ross co-opts S. Pepper realizes if she wants to keep Tony as a friend, she has to learn to start liking Gene Khan, who has busy trying to negotiate peace as the Mandarin between iron man armored adventures season 2 episode 13 part 1 Tong forces and the Maggia.

July 2, [49]. Gene finds the tenth ring and defeats the last guardian, but the rings – and Gene – harbor a deadly secret.

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When Obadiah Stane is informed by his secretary that Anton Harkov is on the other line, Obadiah has her tell Anton Harkov that the offer is rescinded. Charles Xavier makes a cameo at the end of the episode, though his face remains largely unseen. Captain America is recovered by S. As tensions mount between the Tong and rival criminal organization the MaggiaGene enrolls in the Tomorrow Academy to be closer to Tony in hopes of learning more about the Makluan rings.

The Living Laser takes over a space sseason and threatens Earth. Reed Richards is again iron man armored adventures season 2 episode 13 part 1 mentioned as a teacher at the university M. It is also revealed that the Living Laser is dying and that S.

A hit has been placed on Tony Stark, and the Ghost has come to collect.

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Nick Fury also mentions future plans for the Avengers. Hulk changes into the more intelligent Grey Hulk at the end of the episode.

Using the connection Technovore takes control of the Nano-mites abandoning the computer, it forms a body and says one word “Consume”.

But when Whitney is captured e;isode the Ghost, Tony has to turn to the very best friends he pushed away for help. Armore is revealed that Masque is actually Stane’s own daughter, Whitney, using a stolen invention of Stark’s deceased father to strike out at her own for neglecting her.

Spider-Man is specifically confirmed to exist in this reality by a Maggia soldier when Hawkeye uses a net arrow who mistakes Hawkeye’s net for Spider-Man’s webbing.