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Soon after, Sobti featured in an Asian Paints advertisement. Jennifer will now be He read each personally, in front of me, and was dead embarrassed. She says she will wait for bulldozer. Newer Post Older Post Home. He then puts tape on her mouth and says tape should be there. He said, “I don’t exactly know the status of that film, but I doubt it’s ever going to come out.

Arnav puts home line busy too and says what will you do now Khushi? Saanjh is getting engaged to Samay. Khushi asks what do you think? Nani tells Anjali not to leave Arnav this time and take gift from him. Khushi gets angry and she goes inside and asks how dare you to say like this. Episode starts with Arnav on the floor and Khushi on top of him.

He says new developer has came now and he charges for maintenance too. Arnav agrees this time. Arnav sends everyone outside. Khushi helps him to take off his shirt. Anjali slaps Shyam and the police arrest him and take him away. Social Media Icons facebook twitter gplus kl Youtube. Varun Dhawan who made his Bollywood debut in has been riding high on success with every film he stars in.

While,They first meet at a botched fashion show of the latter’s, where he mistakenly thinks Khushi as having been sent to sabotage his event.

Anjali strays from Arnav

The couple happily adopt Aarav as their son. Arnav says ie will decide what he wants in 24 hours and asks her to smile. Her landlord comes now and Khushi gives him 24, rupees. Subscribe To Vivid Posts Atom. Khushi asks what she has to do now. She keeps calling him again and again.

Biography portal Bollywood portal Television portal. NK says you know my hindi is not that good. Khushi says you never told me before. N he sees him holding her hand and he says, I guess this is my habit. She gets shocked seeing him.

Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 20th November Arnav Ko Kuch Pata Nahi Hai – Video Dailymotion

Khushi returns to her parents’ home and their wedding preparations begin. Nani says at least because of you Anjali smiled finally.

Social Media Icons 2 instagram gplus twitter facebook. About World of Entertainment. Khushi starts walking and her dupatta gets stuck in a machine.

Then a boy named Aarav enters the Raizadas’ home followed by his old friend Sheetal. About Vivid Vivid Productions View my complete profile. Khushi again opens everything and in end she finally finds the box. Khushi opens her eyes and gets fill and she gets up right away. Retrieved from ” https: Khushi is sleeping and dreaming about what Arnav said. Khushi asks what is this? Riightwhere he played a loud, enthusiastic man with dreams of becoming an actor.

Khushi comes with some kind of oil and Arnav says what the. She goes to check something. The jya was part of the channels worldwide broadcast and aired in more than 30 countrie s. VideoBar This content is not yet available over encrypted connections. At Raizada house, Anjali asks a servant about Arnav. In the process, and much to his chagrin, Is pyar ko kya naam du 30 july 2012 full episode bravely challenges Arnav’s stubborn ideologies on god, love, death and marriage.

Khushi gets happy and says she earned on her own.

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Khushi says she will do her duty properly whole night. Anyone would say that and they laugh. I could never throw fan messages away because people have put time and effort into making them.

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Arnav is at Raizada house now. The both of them slowly start realising their feelings for each other. Arnav is totally in love with Khushi and wants to take their relationship to the next level. We trended BarunSobti in Twitter India on his birthday! Khushi is drinking coffee to keep herself awake and says now no one is left.

Vivid Productions Company Limited. Retrieved 2 July Archived from the original on 29 October 2021 Khushi is packing, Arnav turns on the fan purposely so all wrappers fly.

Khushi now asks how she came here? Khushi has a terrible start to her married life! He says where are other 24, rupees?