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Anime’s TV Ad Streamed”. She then also says that Shogo injured his head while saving her at a crosswalk from an oncoming car. The examples and perspective in this section deal primarily with the English-speaking world and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject. It was adapted into an anime television series by Studio Gokumi. This section is empty. Anime’s English Cast Confirmed”. Cover of the first light novel. Ikusu later transfers into the academy as a male student to keep an eye on him, and then stops by at his place to take a shower.

After Yuzurina explains to him the situation, Shogo receives a call from his mother, Kanoko Mikadono , and tells him on bringing with him a female accomplice during the Mikadono Group party. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. After taking a shower, Miyabi attempts to have sex with Shogo, but she then cries, asking Shogo to never leave her. Archived from the original on December 15, Ghost Urn Yuki Yuna is a Hero: The next morning, he ponders if the girl who chooses to marry will end up being his little sister. You can help by adding to it.

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Shogo reveals Yuzurina’s true identity and nature to Miyabi, but he also reassures that they will remain as siblings, forgiving her for all what has happened. As a precaution, Ikusu suggests of applying a DNA test on both of them, to which Shogo complies, with the help of Risa Serihis mother’s secretary. When he goes to kono naka ni hitori imouto ga iru episode 1 vostfr Miyabi, she reveals that she was the one who asked Shogo to marry her back at the funeral, and she was only trying to hide her sibling relationship with him so that they could be lovers.

Fortunately, there is a large female population at Miryuin Academy to choose from.

Konoe and Miyabi became increasingly intimate with Shogo, as the latter fears of whoever he chooses between the two as his wife could be his biological little sister. Views Read Edit View history. After realizing that Konoe might have that phone, he searches everywhere for her, finally finding her at hltori park holding the phone. To complicate matters further, although he was raised as an only child, Shogo apparently has a younger half-sister who was raised separately who also goes to the mi school and intends to get closer to him without revealing her true identity.

Some time later, Shogo and the other girls congratulate Miyabi over her kono naka ni hitori imouto ga iru episode 1 vostfr during a swim match, while Ikusu fails to locate Yuzurina.

Kono naka ni hitori imouto ga iru episode 1 vostfr to her shop failing, Mei gaa told by her adoptive father to come back to Massachusetts. Realizing something, Shogo barges into the student council office and asks Rinka for information. Ghost Urn Yuki Yuna is a Hero: Afterwards, the other girls, donning their wedding outfits, ask on who will Shogo choose next to take a wedding picture with.

In response to this, Shogo tells Mei he is willing to get her shop back on track, with the help from all of his friends. Afterwards, Shogo reports his findings to Yuzurina, who has found Miyabi in the hotel, and while dismayed about Seri’s scheme, he adds that she is fine with publicizing herself as Shogo’s little sister. Ikusu later imokto Shogo to inform him of a prototype phone, having voice-changing capabilities, which may have connections to the calls he receives from the mysterious girl who claims to be his sister.

Shogo then sees Konoe off to her place, and when she tells him to kiss her, a shocked Miyabi witnesses this. Shogo confronts Mei because of this, and she admits vostr she was distracting him from knowing his real little sister to prevent any torment by his family and scandals from his company.

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The two girls treat Shogo as their older brother, clinging to him throughout the day. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, he is lunged by a drunk Miyabi who is eventually rendered unconscious, taking her to a hotel room and waiting for her to wake up. While he prepares to take a bath, he suspects that Miyabi may be his little sister, after taking notice of the toy shampoo bottle.

Shogo finds a timid Miyabi outside, and he asks to have a dance with her, but the top of her dress later becomes undone. It was adapted into an anime television series kono naka ni hitori imouto ga iru episode 1 vostfr Studio Gokumi. Life at the Academy will not be all smooth sailing, however.

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The next morning, he ponders if htiori girl who chooses to marry will end up being his little sister. Afterwards, Rinka pursues Shogo to become her true boyfriend. In addition, Anime Network also streamed episodes alongside crunchyroll.

Shogo gets himself admonished by Rinka for not properly acting as a morality officer.

While having breakfast with Shogo, Yuzurina reveals that she is not the person who says that she married Shogo during his father’s funeral. Konoe and Miyabi visit Shogo to teach him to love women, after they mistakenly saw Ikusu on top of Shogo the day before.

This section is empty. Against with the scheme and the engagement, Rinka used Mei’s phone and its voice-changing function as a means to express her contradiction. She then also says that Shogo injured his head while saving her at a kno from an oncoming car.

Shogo Mikadonoheir to the Mikadono Group, enrolls in Miryuin Private Academy, also having to find his potential wife there.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. When Miyabi finds the two, she reveals that she and Shogo used to pretend to get married in the courtyard of the hospital during her visits.