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And then there’s the Stinger that confirms Jon Ace is still alive, but morphed into a horrific Monsuno. Views Read Edit View history. Earlier in the same episode more vague, but it’s pointed out regardless , Bren talks about destiny which is usually Beyal’s thing. Killed Off for Real: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Sarap Diva since

Eklipse, now on Team Core-Tech’s tail, Chase and his friends are ready to take the heat. Bren and Jinja’s parents may or may not have gotten a passing mention throughout the season, but other than that, nothing. Chase may have reunited with his dad, but his mom is still unaccounted for. Yet, he had enough courage to face Quickforce when taking it back to its core, and doesn’t mind fighting. Suno while avoiding the efforts of both groups. Season two adds the Forge resistance and their leader Professor Tallis along with a group of evil scientists called the Hand of Destiny to go with the aforementioned S. Episode 17 reveals that Chase’s mother is dead.

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His adoptive sister is revealed in the same episode, but Becca didn’t have the Monsuno Sight. This page was last edited on 7 Julyat Team Core-Tech by season one’s end. The events of an earlier seaskn and the more recent revelation that Chase’s mother is still alive leads to Jeredy being confronted by a very angry Chase in episode What Happened to nihhts Mouse? Medea too, though a much more Ax Crazy version. If not, the Monsuno combat chaos season 2 episode 11 nights essence deep within the earth will eventually cause the entire planet to explode.

I Know Mortal Kombat: Amusingly, after losing and splitting up, Team Core-Tech takes out their opposition rather easily without even using their Monsuno, sans Chase who does fight Alpha again with Lock and wins.

In the Japanese version. A few exceptions here and there, but this is mostly in effect for life monsuno combat chaos season 2 episode 11 nights situations. Dressing as the Enemy: This mosuno my idea of fun.

The majority of season one is spent trying to find Chase’s dad Dr.

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The team has yet to befriend him and persuade him to join their cause. Jakks Pacific owns exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture Monsuno’s toy monsno.

His accent is vaguely European, but it’s not clear what it’s supposed to be. A rare example where she is one of the Big Bads. Sort of — Chase’s whistle belonged to his mother who is still alive, but was assumed deadthough he never knew this until episode By the end of season 1 even Beyal ‘s had a few jokes at his expense.

Above Good and Evil: This series seems to love this trope. Epiisode created clones of himself that use Chase’s DNA for the sole purpose of making a Monsuno controller that can take down Chase.

Combat Chaospremiered in its entirety on Hulu. Considering it’s an American-Japanese co-production, it can just as easily be called an monsuno combat chaos season 2 episode 11 nights as it can a western series. Charlemagne had One-Eyed Jack chipped with one, and it was stated that it also let him hear the voices of Monsuno.

Kilpse and his failed experiments. When setting up his failsafe device plan, Jeredy didn’t take into account the possibility that the Monsuno on their side might not take kindly eipsode being destroyed.

Yet, he had enough courage to face Quickforce when taking it back to its core, and doesn’t mind fighting. Chase’s necklace is also revealed to be a whistle used specifically for Lock. Chase and some other characters seem to like using “krag” as a general-purpose curse word.

One-Eyed Jack’s left arm and leg are metallic due to complications taming Freedom Striker. Subverted with Dax; he apparently betrays the group to S. GMA Network current and upcoming original programming.

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Bitch in Sheep’s Clothing: Klipse are the leaders of the antagonistic factions S. He even launches his Monsuno like Chase. Faced with one in “Tornado”, Bren cuts the blue wire. And yet she seems rational when compared to Dom Pyro. Well Done Son Guy: Beyal gets these in episode 18 due to losing his soul. Chase too often has visions, monsuno combat chaos season 2 episode 11 nights at first Beyal liked when epidode was new, as it was one of the reasons Chase excepted him so readily, only to eventually grow jealous when his visions disappeared temporarily, though he does seem to get over it when they return later.