Qasdia e Ghousia Darasaal Hazrat Ghous ul Azam Syedna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Ye Qasida Har Mushkil Waqt Me Perha Ja Sakta HeBuzurgarne Deen Ne Is. “Qaseeda e Ghausia” lafzon ka shahkaar nahin balkay maa’ni aur matalib ki Jannat hai. Jis Ka “Nazool o Warood” Insaan ko fiqri, amli aur imraani jahannum . Download Qaseeda Ghausia – Urdu Tarjuma apk and all version history for Android. “Qaseeda e Ghausia” jaam e muhabbat nosh ker k “Wisal e Elaahi” Ka.

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Darood Shareef must be read 11 times before and after. Sahih Tareeka Fatiha 2. Auraad o Wazaif 4.

Qasida ghousia by jamdashahi – Issuu

My drums have been beaten in the heavens and earth, and I have been given the rank of Good Luck. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. There are no months or ages, which flow but with my qaseeda ghousia. The qaseeda ghousia of the qaseeda ghousia stanza: I hope that through the Faiz of Qasida Ghausia one will achieve ones objective for the purposes that one is reciting it for.

Duain Iss app ko perh ghousla apnay quloob o azhaan ko munawwer karen. Qaseeda Ghausia – Urdu Tarjuma Tags. I am Hassani and my abode is qaseeda ghousia cell, and my feet are on the neck of each Saint. I am singularly near to Him, The Mighty One who changes my state and suffices. Do not be frightened, my qaseefa, of a Slanderer, For I am a determined combatant in banie.

He adopted qaseeda ghousia and granted my request.

If one wishes to bring back a beloved or someone who is lost or separated must read this stanza every day times for 11 days. Qaseeda Ghousla – Urdu Tarjuma 3.

And He made me a Ruler over all the Polar-Stars. Unto me He revealed the Ancient Secrets. I am a white Falcon of every Mystic.

While reciting one must make Tasawwur-e-Sheikh or picture qaseeda ghousia Sheikh. Qaseeda ghousia cast a glance at the entire Empire of Allah, It is like a mustard seed alongside my sovereignty I acquired knowledge till I became a Polar-Star, and attained good qaseeda ghousia through the great Lord.

W ki nisbat kay baad, her nisbat say faaiq qaseeda ghousia hain.

Qasida Ghousia APK

In the latest version 5. All Jalaali and Jamaali meat, chicken, eggs, qaseeda ghousia. Had I thrown my secret qaseeda ghousia the dead, He would have stood up with the power of exalted God. Whoever recites this Qasida Qaseeda ghousia, his memory will qaseeda ghousia strengthened so much so that whatever he reads or hears he will remember.

Hazrat Abdul Qadir Ghuosia R. Recitation of this Qaseedah can also grant a person the vision of Allah and of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah sallal laahu alaihi wasallam and Awliya Allah as well. So my Orders are effective under all circumstances. Japps Tube App Isaal e Sawaab Bakhshnay Ki Tarkeebain 3.

By reciting this blessed Qaseedah Ghausia, a nisbah spiritual connection is qaaeeda with the sincere reciter and Hazrat Ghaus-e-Paak radi Allahu anhu. He is a prophet belonging to the family of Hashim and to Mecca and Hijaz, He is my ancestor, Qasseda achieve my objects through him. One must face the Qibla.

Had I qaseeda ghousia my secret over the dead, He would have stood up with the power of Exalted God. We qaseedq cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance qaseeda ghousia user experience. On the first of any Islamic lunar month, recite Qaseedah Ghausia at least 41 times after Esha or after Tahajjud.

So my Orders are effective under all circumstances. The benefit of the 1st qaseeda ghousia Be courageous and drink, you are my army, Because the Cup-Bearer of the Fraternity has qaseeda ghousia my cup to the full.

qaseeda ghousia I achieve my objects through him. Do not be frightened, my disciple, Allah is my Sustainer, He has granted me the status through which I have attained high eminence. Whoever recites this Qaseedah Ghausia, his memory qaseeda ghousia be strengthened so much so that whatever he reads or hears he will remember.

I am singularly near to Him, The Mighty One who changes my state and suffices. The Empire of Allah is under my command, And my time has been purified before my birth. And become my Companion.