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I can’t get enough of it. However, I’m really torn because I think the tech aspects of it are quite interesting Whether it’s a game or application software, Ecommerce, or other IT related firm, there are more than a few who rose in fame to such status in recent years. He searches for Sawaki Chihiro on his cellphone and the results comes back empty. Hyuga gets off the stage and talks with the candidates about why they are here. He smiles, filled with excitement at a new day. I love this dorama.

Sexy man is a mind free and full of passion. She trips as he says this and loses a shoe. I hope this come out good! T this drama is the best drama ever. Also your curiousity will wonder why Turo has this condition! I want to see makoto tohru married Hate the brother and sister characters. They want to torment us haha?!

I hope next time oguri and satomi in pairing again together with movie maybe or dorama again. Asahina asks if she means Hyuga, and wonders why eich name Sawaki Chihiro means something to Hyuga. I definitely hope there will be season 2. They walk inside and Chihiro is understandably so scared she clutches her stomach.

The girl hugs Asahina and says she missed him. So I basically was only watching because sun Oguri Shun.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 10

It seems like jdramas have been all about doctors, lawyers, or detectives for too long. Asahina tells Yamagami to see this as an exciting challenge. She is embarrassed, but stands in front of him and talks back to him. Reminded me of Jerry Maguire and Pretty Woman but somehow different. After those taiwan and kdramas with needless filler moments, I enjoy how energetic and zippy this jdorama is.

I hated his character in Hana Yori Dango. Skye-N-Rain 14 people found this review helpful. His mother left Rich man poor woman japanese drama ep 1 eng sub Hyuga when he was very young.

I am also currently watching this one. Hyuga smiles and says he remembers. The main cast from left to right: Asahina tells Chihiro that she did well and even reacted to helping Hyuga. After BIG ended was sorta disappointed by the endingI needed to fill up the void.

In my opinion, original version japanese is still the best. Aini osman Jun 03 4: I am honestly kind of infatuated with him Also your curiousity will wonder why Turo has this condition!

rjch The Vice Minister is impressed and compliments Chihiro as coming prepared. They head to a salon and next thing we see, Chihiro walks out wearing a smart elegant white suit with her hair and makeup done.

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Hyuga greets her and calls her name Sawaki Chihiro, which makes every single person look up. She stares at him and looks rich man poor woman japanese drama ep 1 eng sub wowed. I don’t know, I’m just not into it. Despite the worldwide recession and financial difficulties, there are people like Mark Zuckerberg who began work from merely an apartment room or a garage that end up growing to be companies generating over ten billions dollar revenues after merely 10 years or so, embracing their new found wealth by living the dream life.

Nicola Feb 07 3: Asahina asks Chihiro to pick anything she wants to eat, but wonders if he can ask her a question first? Upon meeting Tetsushi, she begins to unravel a genuine pureness inside him and solitude resulting from such pureness, which eventually draws her closer to him.

While giving his speech, Toru humiliates Makoto in front of the others. This will prevent pension data from being lost and allow for an personal file on everyone that is easily accessible which includes information from birth to death.

Chihiro is a hardworking college student at Tokyo University who has prepared for her future as much as she possibly could through studies and obtaining licenses. Edit this Page Edit Information.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 1 English Sub

Japaese 0 people found this review helpful. The people complaining are fans of the original series itself, since they can’t help but squirm considering how the Japanese version has high caliber actors.

Man it’s only 10 episode, why?? I love how the story is realistic and Hyuga-Makoto chemistry is right on point. Hyuga arrives at Next Innovation, and a documentary takes us on a tour of the hottest IT company in Japan. His condition mn him to create a false persona, seeming indifferent and harsh to those around him, forming relationships based on mistrust and keeping no one near him.

He potrays the character really well. Makes me kinda nervous. Sorry my openion, i don’t know about you: This drama sucked big time cause of all the good comments it has you think maybe it will get better but oh no it doesn’t