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Dagur is giving Alvin the support of his vast fleet in exchange for the Skrill, but the truce is uneasy. The riders are cornered in trying to release it, but receive unexpected help from the Skrill itself in sending the hunters away. Gobber believes it to be the Lycanwing, a mythic dragon whose bite can turn humans into vicious dragon hybrids, and Snotlout preys on Tuffnut’s paranoia making him believe he will become a Lycanwing by the next full moon. Snotlout uses the Smothering Smokebreaths to get it back and the riders help the Armorwing when they pick apart its hide, earning its trust. Later, it was discovered that Fishlegs was allergic to Gobber’s ear wax which he has been using on Meatlug’s saddle. He then quotes, “This changes Astrid, after seeing her home destroyed, decides to train a new team of Dragon Riders. Archived from the original on August 8,

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When Ryker reveals there is no prize, Hiccup manages to escape while the riders arrive and defeat the hunters. Snotlout when a Changewing catches him. The Death Song rejects Garffiljorg when it sings the songs taught to it by the riders and imprisons them, but Garffiljorg returns to protect them by singing the Death Song’s native cry. Spitelout comes to Dragon’s Edge to announce a union between the Jorgenson and Hofferson clans and charges last pick Snotlout with delivering the Jorgenson family axe to the Isle of Frigga for the ceremony. Hiccup and Toothless decide to face against it one on one and later lead it into a trap, but the Skrill anticipates their plan and traps them instead. Though Hiccup feels guilty for driving Viggo to make such a move, Stoick expresses confidence that he and the others will always be able to stop him. Dagur captures him and Fanghook, whereby Gustav appears to become a part of their crew claiming he knows how to get Dagur the Dragon Eye.

Hiccup and Toothless decide to face against it one on one and later lead it into a trap, but the Skrill anticipates their plan and traps them instead. Retrieved January 18, In the commander’s quarters of ‘The Reaper’, Hiccup finds a very mysterious device and after a struggle with Dagur bek of the group, apart from Hiccup, are trapped in a cage.

The Speed Stingers have trekked across the frozen sea to Rae and driven everyone out of town. Hiccup, after fiddling around with the eye, finds that it’s activated by the fire of any Dragon and works se a light projector showing him maps, writing and Dragons he’s never seen.

However, Hiccup had already deduced Johann was the mole thanks to the twins and is able to escape thanks to Toothless. The riders escape with the help of the disposal Hotburple named Riders of berk episode 19 we are family part 1 who Gobber bonds with and send the hunters running.

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But, when Dagur the Deranged escapes from the prison on Outcast Island, he decides to take his revenge on Ridders. Meanwhile, Snotlout, as a result of his saving Mala’s life from the Hunters, undergoes The Trials, a series of tests to prove himself as King of the Defenders of the Wing.

The Shell Fire is freed and Ryker is consumed with the fleet by the Submaripper, while Viggo turns on Hiccup threatening to kill Astrid in exchange for the Dragon Eye, but Hiccup throws the Eye into the volcano and Viggo rushes to his doom chasing after it.

They launch their attack and rescue the others, and both sides prepare for their next encounter. Before Johann can finish Hiccup, he is frozen by the Bewilderbeast. The first season is subtitled Riders of Berk.

Using copied notes from the Dragon Eye, the riders locate a living Buffalord, but it refuses to leave the island where it lives. In the end, Heather decides to leave, saying she has much she needs to figure out.

Cartoon Network ratings February 10—16, “. Retrieved November 16, Every decade, Arvandil’s Fire arrives to Berk, inviting a ghostly dragon, the Flightmare, to the village. When he finds information and a map about an island inhabited by Night Furies within Bork’s notes, Hiccup is determined to bring Toothless to his family. They learn it was an Outcast trap a bit too late. The teens name it a “Typhoomerang”, but Toothless appears jealous and does not warm up to the energetic newcomer. Meanwhile, Krogan and Viggo obtain the lens, setting the true mastermind behind the Hunters, Johann, riders of berk episode 19 we are family part 1 step closer to finding the King of Dragons.

The three must ricers together to repair the damage, overcome the rivalry between Hiccup and Snotlout and return home to Berk before they are captured by Alvin and the Outcasts.

Retrieved October 6, Using a supply de bolases on the ship, they lure the Flyers into a storm, causing the Flyers to be struck by lightning. Hiccup and the dragon riders, thanks to Johann, band back together and track him riders of berk episode 19 we are family part 1 to a fog bank beyond their borders and discover a huge graveyard of ships filled with treasures that Dagur would use to build a new armada.

The Berserker parrt continue the search for their father and though each failure only spurs Heather’s obsession, Dagur is worried the search will lead to her doom.

They rescue Gruffnut anyway due to his being “family,” and leaves him in a Quaken’s cave where he can have “a real adventure. Hiccup reluctantly lets Viggo leave with the Buffalord in exchange for the cure, but as berrk as his ship leaves it fights back forcing the Hunters to release it.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The teens are doing a training exercise led by Astrid to their disappointment. In trying to set the Seashocker free, it ends up being chased by a pack of Scauldrons, and Fishlegs, guilty over his trapping the Seashocker, goes to extremes to riders of berk episode 19 we are family part 1 it.

In the cave, Hiccups finds Garff while Fishlegs brings episodd Cavern Crasher to help dig parh new exit and move the Singetail eggs to safety. The riders were supposed to go with Hiccup in the morning to the Isle of Night.

Dragon Riders Of Berk Season 1 Episode 19 – We Are A Family Part 1 – Video Dailymotion

It is up to Hiccup and his friends to convince him otherwise. How to Train Your Dragon. However after he and Hookfang are ambushed by the Screaming Death on Snotlout’s secret island, “Snotland”‘, he is rescued by Alvin the Treacherous, who has returned to Berk, claiming he is there to make amends with the Vikings.

As the divided riders struggle against the Crasher’s detonative mucus ability, the Queen guides Snotlout and Hookfang to her hive, revealing she needs help defending her babies. That evening, the riders receive famliy letter from Dagur who says he is looking for Heather, and the riders promise to keep her location secret until she is ready.

Hiccup reluctantly allows Mildew to help him riders of berk episode 19 we are family part 1 Toothless and escape Outcast Island, a final test for Mildew’s loyalty to Berk.

We Are Family: Part 1

This, however, turns out to be a trap by Krogan and riders of berk episode 19 we are family part 1 Hunters, riders of berk episode 19 we are family part 1 capture Windshear and demand the gem on Heather’s belt, a lens for the Dragon Eye, in exchange for her life. Hiccup, Fishlegs and Snotlout respond to an SOS by Johann that hunters are attacking his ship, but are surprised to find extremely aggressive wild dragons attacking instead.

Retrieved November 23, Throk comes to the Edge with the life debt he owes Ruffnut from the battle with ridfrs Flyers having turned more romantic, but Fishlegs steps in when he shows his courting ways to be outdated. They eventually learn the Rumblehorn has been attempting to warn everyone of an approaching tsunami and chase them off before the wave would wipe them all out. In an attempt to free their dragons all of the group apart from Hiccup get trapped by the dragon. Despite Gobber and Hiccup’s insistence, he is unwilling to trust any new traders that come to Berk because of Johann’s deception.

Though Ryker attempts to break them by showing their dragons imprisoned, the riders hold their silence. Upon landing there, they find the island has been taken over by a massive new dragon called de Catastrophic Quaken.

He reveals that Ryker has taken charge of the Hunters riders of berk episode 19 we are family part 1 offers to surrender the Dragon Eye in return for Hiccup’s help in stopping Ryker, but escapes during an attack on the Defenders of the Wing, leaving the riders with the baby Eruptodon in their care.

After being captured, Hiccup discovers that Mildew has joined the Outcasts. Retrieve the device he found from Dagur, or save his friends from certain death. Though Viggo manages to get away with Berk’s gold, the dragons are still rescued, which Gobber assures Hiccup counts for something.