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This page was last edited on 20 May , at There are only three remaining survivors, who are men dressed in camouflage and heavily armed. Kyle, sick of Cartman talking about jumping the homeless, yells that Cartman barely cleared one homeless person. Homelessness in popular culture Murder in television South Park season 11 episodes Suicide in television. Game on, Charles 5. It aired on April 18,

She says that the homeless are people just like them, which the council interprets as meaning the homeless have found a way to copy their DNA. They then customize a bus to drive into South Park and lure the homeless out by singing, sending them to California , like how Evergreen had sent them to South Park With Gerald following as well still asking for change. Cartman announces that he will jump over them on his skateboard, wearing a cape, insisting that it was Kyle’s idea. This page was last edited on 20 May , at The boys escape the horde of homeless in the sewers and head for the home of the homeless expert. This caused fights that destroyed the town because you “wouldn’t know if the person living in the house right next door to you was homeless or not,” not realizing of course that owning houses would have no longer left people homeless. Night of the Living Homeless”.

Night of the Living Homeless”.

The homeless overrun the town making getting around almost impossible. The four boys go out to help their parents, where they are picked up by one of the Mayor’s Aides named Ted.

Just then, a hideously disfigured woman is able to emerge from the burnt remains of one of the buildings while holding a shotgun, revealing to be the wife of one of the men who tried to burn her alive after believing she was homeless, and she became quite angered with him as a result. They meet three men dressed in camouflage who want the boys to leave, since being children they couldn’t own homes.

niht The Complete Eleventh Season: Stan misinterprets Kyle and tells him to stop arguing about jumping homeless people, which frustrates Kyle further. The episode is rated TV-MA.

The Complete Eleventh Season. The gesture goes unappreciated when the man immediately asks Kyle for more money without a thank you. One of the adults, Glenn, is able souht call his wife on his cellphone after getting a signal and discovers that, because of the high numbers of homeless in South Park, property values have plummeted and his house has been repossessedmaking him homeless.

This episode marks the end of the first half of Season 11, which continued liviing October 3, However, Kyle is able to come up with a plan to save their town, hpmeless the boys heavily reinforce a bus that they find and drive it to the Community Center in South Park, where the homeless have gathered below the adults. Kyle then finds a pamphlet on the ground that advertises South Park as a great place for the homeless.

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An animated adult series about four potty-mouthed, trash-talking grade schoolers living in a Colorado town.

He realizes he doesn’t have any change srason the bus and begins asking for his change back, making the rest of the adults think he’s one of them. Glena member of the City Council, calls his wife to find out what is happening when he is able to get a signal on his cell phone.

Kyle feels sorry for them and wants to do something about it. The boys make it to Evergreen which is totally destroyed. It parodies various zombie moviesin particular George A. While talking to the survivors, they are pak to explain that the homeless situation got so out of control that it was seasoh to tell who was homeless and who wasn’t. By using this site, you livong to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He also says the nearby city of Evergreen faced the same problem, and managed to stop it.

Season 11, Episode 7 Night of the Living Homeless. The next morning a large group of homeless have mustered outside of Kyle’s home. Retrieved from ” https: The people of Evergreen south park season 11 episode 7 night of the living homeless solve their problem, they just sent it to South Park.

In a following confrontation, the wife the man had killed is actually still alive albeit horribly burned and attempts to kill him, resulting in everyone dying, except for the boys.

Night of the Living Homeless – Full Episode – Season 11 – Ep 07 | South Park Studios

Available to Stream Watch on. Dre ‘s ” California Love ,” and leads them there. He tells them that the nearby town of Evergreen had solved a similar homeless problem, and that they should travel there and find out what they did. Cote De Pablo 3. The number of homeless immediately grows dramatically, and they wander everywhere asking for change in a zombie nigh manner.

List of all South Park episodes. The boys reach the hpmeless house, where Cartman comes up with the plan to jump episod all the homeless people to save those on the Community Center. Randythe StotchesJimboand Gerald Broflovski wind up stranded on top of the town South park season 11 episode 7 night of the living homeless Center, with hordes of homeless below. Kyle feels bad for the homeless, and gives one of them twenty dollars that he was originally saving up for a new Xbox game, but the homeless man just asks Kyle for more money.

77 chronology Previous Next ” D-Yikes! The boys escape the horde of homeless in the sewers and head for the home of the homeless expert.

He feels guilty and ssason some change but more keep on coming, including the one he just gave to. The homeless break south park season 11 episode 7 night of the living homeless the house though and the boys escape while the scientist kills himself after shooting himself repeatedly to no effect despite several of the shots going in his chest and brain. In California, Cartman jumps three homeless people as Stan tells Kyle he can’t see how it helps, to Kyle’s annoyance.