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Cue plenty of incredibly inventive death scenes, plus plenty of sex, drug-taking, and general deviance. Another dangerous game movie, and another mockumentary, Live! The English countryside cuts a sinister figure in found-footage movie The Borderlands. It’s definitely the creepiest. There are a lot of terrible horror movies out there. Her descent into a maelstrom of drugs, sex and psychotic violence is equal parts twisted and tragic. Here are a few hidden gems guaranteed to give you day terrors. The psychological aspects of the film will stay with you for much longer than anything else; Inside shows humanity at its worst.

The English countryside cuts a sinister figure in found-footage movie The Borderlands. Remember a couple of years back when every other horror story was about a mysterious virus that sent everyone mad? The psychological aspects of the film will stay with you for much longer than anything else; Inside shows humanity at its worst. Former Frankenstein Boris Karloff portrayed a monster of the human variety in this disturbing tale of an innocent woman wrongly committed to a barbaric mental asylum in London. Five friends in an RV head deep into the mountains of Oregon with the deed to an inherited property, but must fight for their lives when two hulking maniacs interrupt their trip. Following two ghost hunters on assignment in a rural church, the film builds unsettlingly as you watch it and when you discover what is going on at the end, you will recoil in terror. Callers report riots as people apparently go insane for no apparent reason, fixating on certain words or phrases and repeating them over and over as they attack themselves and each other. The crux of the plot line is incredibly gruesome to think about and although it is sometimes presented in a comedic tone, the reality of the narrative is gut wrenching and painful to watch.

With one of the most infamous and gruesome metro scenes in all of cinema, Possession is as gruesome as it is unsettling. What begins as an intense crime film about a pair of working class British hitmen who agree to commit a series of killings in return for a huge payday slowly becomes a masterpiece of dread and psychological horror.

So far, so monotonous.

The 25 best horror movies you’ve never seen

Set on horrot lonely Irish cattle farm, this deadly serious creature-feature revolves around a bovine genetic experiment gone horrifically wrong. But since Monami is a vampire and Keiko is the daughter of a mad scientist, things get freaky fast.

One of them begins listening to the therapy sessions on tape and, needless moview say, it doesn’t end well. The film is set inside a local radio station as shock jock Grant Mazzy hosts his usual show — but something weird is the best horror movies you ve never seen on outside.

Horror master David Cronenberg ‘s thr thriller is every bit as visceral as his later films. Also released under the unpromising title Aaah! In this low-budget, deeply creepy thriller, a group of men are hired to clean the asbestos from an abandoned mental asylum. Perfect for fans of David Fincher, this visually striking mood piece stars Jeremy Sisto as tye reclusive computer programmer whose life is shattered when he begins receiving mysterious empty packages delivered to his apartment.

He chooses the quiet Asami, but he has no idea who she really is. There are a load of scary films out there, however, which do things a little differently from most and take us utterly by surprise.

The Best Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen

Groups go into the woods, an unspeakable evil is released, all but one is killed, the murderer mysteriously gets away with it. Like it or not, most horror films these days follow the same, tired structure that we have seen a thousand times before.

Sisters get a creepy makeover in this small horror film from South Korea. Pregnant women should probably avoid Inside. A mocies of students confined to the detention hall have their wits tested by a serial killer who has it in for school kids. Hal Holbrook stars in this obscure gem about five doctors hunted by an unseen killer while on a fishing trip in the remote Canadian wilderness.

Five years after the murder of her daughter, a distraught mother receives a phone call from her supposedly dead child, hinting that someone has been holding her captive. The English countryside cuts a sinister figure in found-footage movie The Borderlands.

Yes, this film got terrible reviews, but like so many others on this list, it’s worth a look. The plot begins as a straightforward high school love the best horror movies you ve never seen, as new girl Monami takes an the best horror movies you ve never seen in Mizushima, the boyfriend of Keiko, mkvies meanest girl in school.

Halloween Horrors: The 15 Scariest Films You’ve Never Seen – Variety

If you haven’t seen any films by Italian horror director Dario Argentostart with this operatic, blood-drenched chiller. Soon after, her behavior becomes increasingly erratic and violent.

Dellamorte is haunted by the young woman, who returns in various forms as the film gets weirder and weirder. This film will alter the way in which you view horror completely. The most clever thing about Berberian Sound Studio is that you never actually see anything. Here are a few hidden gems guaranteed to give you day terrors. Among the new wave of French horror films is this bloody, viscerally disturbing the best horror movies you ve never seen about a violent woman who stalks the pregnant Sarah.

And yes, it did inspire the Billy Idol song of the same name. Halloween is your Christmas, we get it. The film was written and directed by Toshihiro Nishimura, a special effects artist renowned for his gore effects — and he holds nothing back here.

Richly atmospheric, this Spanish horror film lingers in the mind long after the final ghastly image cuts to black.

And the creatures are awesome. Red, White, And Blue will play with your mind, making you believe that you can never trust anyone again. Each of them take it in turns to try to commit the perfect murder; when the corpse arrives at the morgue, the other players try to figure out how they were killed.

The Best Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen – IMDb

The payoff is that sometimes, very occasionally, you discover something brilliant. Hausu — or just House — is a recently rediscovered classic.

Before “The Twilight Zone” or the movie “Magic,” this horror anthology film gave us the definitively creepy relationship between a ventriloquist Michael Redgrave and his dummy.

One day, the father of two young sons Bill Paxtonwho also directed this gem reveals he’s been chosen by God to kill demons — who look just like ordinary people. Are you afraid of the dark? In Would You Rather, however, a group of teenagers become trapped in a mansion and are forced to play the game with increasingly high stakes.

Set in a remote cabin location, the the best horror movies you ve never seen follows a couple who have drifted apart following the accidental death of their son. The woman becomes increasingly detached from the world around her and pretty soon, begins re-enacting practices with an evil undertone. The best horror movies you ve never seen in England, the film follows an ex-contract killer as he is assigned one last task.

In the old West, a family of settlers mysteriously disappears. Brazen use of green screen allows utterly weird things to happen as each of the girls falls prey to her own particular characteristics.