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She was unbearable at the top, but once Yoo-Shin move in I could see how dismissed she was by her husband. She gives as good as she gets, though, and teases back that she has a hard time focusing when she only sees him in the audience: Mi-ryung retires to a house in a more remote area, and finds a measure of peace. I am very happy that they didn’t tie everything into a nice neat bow. Just once I would like to see a drama where all the birth secrets, evil pasts, long lost 1st through 7th loves, abandoned orphans, switched babies, and all the other makjang stuff would come out in the first episode, and the rest is people dealing with it. Amidst all the agony of following this stupid drama, they were a really memorable drama. Their scenes, the happy, fun scenes, always elicited a smile, grin or a laugh from me. Over 50 hours of television is just too much.

Smile August 26, at 9: If nothing else, the granny in this series should make any Korean think twice about that belief. Shin and his wife are back on the mend. Dee August 25, at 9: That’s the payoff we have with 50 episode dramas. Soon-shin resists the idea of talking to Mi-ryung, though his concern is that continuing to block her out is doing more harm to Soon-shin. This really would have been better if it were just episodes.

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I did enjoy our discussions however, and I thank you for sharing your thoughts. And i really really wish it is on KBS. Thanks for the recap. The actor that stood out throughout the series was Song Mi-ryung ie.

Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 49 Recap

Who is lss biological father? I’m just happy that it didn’t end with a time warp and have SS and JH in a staring contest with each other. Hye-shin tries to get Woo-joo to say goodbye to her father, but she refuses.

She was mean the best of lee soon shin episode 49 her when she was young. Oh, it’s safe to watch the end! And while I did not wait impatiently for it to arrive I didn’t mind sharing my weekend with it.

Read the weecap, then watch or not watch that weekends epis, making sure to skip the the best of lee soon shin episode 49, silently thanking Javabeans for suffering through the bad parts so the rest of us don’t have to. It’s just that now, I have to get back to a 3 year old who needs to take her nap.

Taking her hand, he tells her to cheer up. On that note, I enjoyed the acting in this. I meant to do that, and yet it simply did not happen. Thank you Javabeans, thank youthank you. Yoo In Na Main Cast. Hello Quinze, soooooo glad to see your response: There is something about the earnestness of a child that can move even the stoniest of hearts. I know we all get caught up in our far more important lives and it’s hard to trace back which conversation was where lol.

I totally agree with you.

Ivoire August 29, at I was not expecting much kissing and I was OK with none at all, the way this drama was going, for a whileand considering what we got in this weekend episodes, my low expectations were met LOL.

She continues to drink. Such a waste and disappointment Lee Ji Hoon Main Cast.

Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 49 Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

Hah yea I was thoroughly surprised at the amount of affection they did give us considering how stingy they’d been for the majority of the drama. So glad it’s OVER!! She mourns Chang-hoon and Soon-shin feels terrible. But on the other hand, half the Candy Girls in k-dramas have fathers or sometimes uncles or brothers that are drunken gamblers, who may or may not be degenerate.

He reminds her of her threats and leaves her. I have a few more thoughts I would like to share with you. Email required Address never made public. Some plotlines were tied up in neat bows and others with more open futures, but in either case I felt the resolutions were fitting.

But anyway, Soon-shin wants nothing to do with Mi-ryeong, but Joon-ho has a bad feeling about her. Thanks for all the recaps and weecaps, Javabeans!

I’m totally noting down the writer’s name too. It seems no matter how horrid the villain is, no matter what they had done, rape, murder, arson, torture, lie, needles in eyes, at the end on the drama, all is forgiven and you have one happy family. This show is stupid to the end IMO, so trite, so predictable. It may be a bit pat to say that you have to love yourself first to find love in others, but the best of lee soon shin episode 49 it feels more apt to frame the thought in the reverse: I completely agree the ending was solid.

It is just as bad as physical cheating. I told you I’d take care of things.

Can’t forget my first weekend drama, or the great actors it introduced me too: I think we can enjoy the fact that she pushed him onto the bed, yes? She just came to avoid reporters and gossip. He only leaves when she threatens to disappear again.

If no one listens to you, it sometime makes you default to communicating in screams. She apologizes and he thhe his arm around her and places her head on his shoulder. Thank you for continuing. He tells Soon-shin not to be so hard on Mi-ryeong who has no one.