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The curse is broken just as dawn comes, and Damon saves Elena by throwing them both in the river. This page was last edited on 2 July , at Caroline receives a touching and unexpected graduation present from him: Instantly, we decided that the person that needed to be cured, that made the most sense from a story point of view, that would be a great surprise, would be Damon. He tells them that Elena’s hallucinations are due to a witch’s curse and the only cure is for a potential hunter to make a first kill and pass along the last hunter’s powers. Jeremy has discovered the beginnings of the mark on him. McQueen is alive and Bonnie Kat Graham is a ghost.

He could never die, so nature needed to find a balance — a version of him that could be killed. Stefan informs the others that he has not stabbed Rebekah and that she is on their side and can be trusted which leaves Elena furious. Back at the chase, which is now in a forest, Elena tries to use her feelings to get Damon to ignore the compulsion. Elena asks to see Stefan alone while Lexi and Alaric wonder whether or not they are sentenced to spend eternity on the Other Side or whether they can move on when they’ve served their time. The Bennett witch was forced to pay the ultimate price for giving new life to a deceased person. Elena refuses it, despite wanting to take it, because it’s the only one and the hunters have threatened to kill everyone in Mystic Falls until they get it.

Retrieved October 26, Vaughn and Damon leave as Elena arrives in the living room. Back at school, Stefan is talking to Alaric on the phone while Caroline tries Klaus again.

Stefan is called to rescue Elena, and he calls Caroline for back up. Bonnie begins the ritual.

April who doesn’t know of vampires yet, and so thinks Connor is delusional and is naturally scared of him. Bonnie agrees to help Shane by killing twelve more people to get the proper magic needed to break the veil between this realm and where all supernatural beings go when they die.


‘Vampire Diaries’ season finale: The cure is taken, Silas revealed |

Meanwhile, Bonnie calls Shane out for the mass murder, but Shane tells her that Silas will resurrect the murder victims. Damon being happy tells Elena to come to him.

When the s decade dance is cancelled Stefan finds a charming way to make it up to Rebekah. Stefan sends Damon to bring her back. Sound off in the comments! Meanwhile, Damon removes the bullets while Vaughn reveals th, after his death on the island, Qetsiyah found him on the Other Side and reminded him of his destiny: The vampire diaries season 4 last episode explained appears in the form of Elena.

Retrieved March 2, Retrieved from ” https: Turns out that doppelgangers are a common thing seasn Mystic Falls. Retrieved March 15, While Caroline vents her fury at having to graduate in the middle of a ghost invasion of Mystic Falls, Bonnie looks at her dead body having died the vampire diaries season 4 last episode explained the previous episode, attempting to bring Jeremy back to life before promising to put the veil back up with the help of the full moon.

At the memorial held for the victims of the explosion, Connor kidnaps, stabs, and brings April to the second floor of the church, trying to use her blood to draw out any vampires in the church. Klaus provides Jeremy with one of his hybrids to kill to complete his transition to a hunter and break the curse in return for a single date with Caroline. However, Katherine, not taking no for an answer, threatens to kill Elena who she believes has everything that she ever wanted if she doesn’t get her immortality.

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She also warns Bonnie that she needs to make her goodbyes before she puts to veil up. Meanwhile, a thee hunter, Connor Jordon, is investigating the supernatural population of Mystic Falls under the ruse of investigating the explosion that killed the Council.

This causes tension between Caroline and Tyler, not just because of her having a date with Klaus but also because in Tyler’s eyes “[Caroline] sacrificed one friend for another. The kiss she gave him so she could step on the block and take his place must have been good, because afterward, Matt told The vampire diaries season 4 last episode explained they were still on for their date.

When lazt suspicious Elena asks him to take his shirt off, he refuses so she just pulls it off to reveal that his wound hadn’t peisode and is infected. This article is about an episode. However, Alexander discovered Rebekah was a vampire, and used a dagger on her and her brothers.


A Whole New World. Starting with episode 13, Charlie Bewley will join the show as Vaughn, like Connor a vampire hunter, and Camille Guaty as Professor Shane’s dead wife Caitlin, who is going to reveal information about him.

As they do, Stefan finds an unconscious April with Bonnie and manages to revive her, telling Bonnie to get her out. Back at the Salvatore House, Damon has changed after Vaughn’s attack and Epsiode arrives in his room, telling him that they need to talk.

Damon makes Elena shut off her humanity because the pain of losing Jeremy is too much for her.