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The Walking Dead’s been popular for years. There, they encounter Noah again, who apologizes and gives back their gear, as well as telling them about Beth. It is the sixty-sixth episode of the series overall. Games Movies TV Wikis. Rick approaches the graveyard and tells Deanna about Pete and is shocked to learn that Deanna had been protecting Pete because his medical skills are an asset, despite his explosive temper being a danger to others. Retrieved June 12,

Carol finds Henry alive in the woods and they return to Hilltop. On Metacritic , the season holds a score of 80 out of , indicating “generally favorable reviews”, based on 11 critics. Realizing his time alive is limited, Carl writes several letters to his loved ones. They follow the trail and come across a pile of hacked limbs. Enid takes a timer out of her backpack and chucks it at the walker. Retrieved October 25,

One of them has a ‘W’ on its forehead. Retrieved November 7, Percentage of positive reviews tracked by the website Rotten Tomatoes [28].

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Games Movies TV Wikis. But before he can continue, Michonne suddenly strikes Rick in the head from behind, knocking him the walking dead cast season 5 episode 15. Since Pete is a surgeon, his skills are invaluable to Alexandria and Deanna is not willing to have Pete separated from Jessie Alexandra Breckenridge or executed.

They playfully run through the trees and stop short when they spot a walker. Eugene leads a crew of Saviors in crafting bullets at a new outpost while Negan plans to taint the Saviors’ weapons with walker blood, in order to make the others “turn” instead of killing them.

sezson Carol determines that Pete, the town’s surgeon, is abusing his wife Jessie and son Sam, and suggests to Rick he must kill Pete. She takes his weapon and looks at Deanna. Rick presses, but Deanna shuts him down: Retrieved June 26, Beth befriends fellow patient, Noah, and the two attempt to escape together.

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The first half of the season premiered on Fox International Channels on October 13, She awakens as a zombie and Daryl disposes of her with a stab to the head. Michonne and Rosita join Sasha’s side and kill the walkers together. Gabriel seasson locked in a cell, where Eugene discovers him sick and suffering. Despite Aaron telling them truthfully of vehicles waiting nearby to take them to Alexandria, Rick remains distrustful, fearing a repeat of Woodbury and Terminus.

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The eighth season received positive reviews from critics. Retrieved October 24, Deanna and Rick blame each other for sdason deaths of Aiden and Noah.

For the 44th Saturn Awardsthe eight season of The Walking Dead received seven nominations, winning two. Views Read Edit View history. Enid takes a timer out of her backpack and chucks it at the walker. The trio returns to the Kingdom, where Ezekiel’s confidence in himself as a leader has diminished.

This page was last edited on 8 Julyat Worried, they venture outside the walls to look for her. Sign in to complete account merge. Despite this, Tyreese dies as they the walking dead cast season 5 episode 15 back to join the others. Retrieved April 10, Retrieved November 19, Rick tries to approach Jessie privately to offer his protection against Pete, but Pete interrupts, leading to a physical fight between him and Rick, and a public confrontation between Rick and Deanna; Rick asserts Alexandria’s residents have grown too complacent to survive.

The community- including Reg and Spencer- gathers around Rick and Xeason as they pummel and try to choke each other. Retrieved October 28, Explore Wikis Community Central. Negan eventually escapes, only to be captured at gunpoint by Jadis. They look into each other’s eyes, and Seasin touches Enid’s hand for a second before pulling back.

Retrieved March 20, The Walking Dead episodes.

Retrieved November 21, Join The Conversation Please sign in with one of the following to post comments. List of awards and nominations received by The Walking Dead. The surviving Saviors surrender, while Rick chases down Negan; the two brawl and Rick manages to slice Negan’s neck, but immediately has Siddiq tend to the wound, knowing that Carl wanted Negan to survive. The first half of the season focuses on the group’s escape from Terminus, after finding themselves in a vulnerable situation, where they learn the true motives of the walking dead cast season 5 episode 15 Terminans, and the rescue of Beth Greene Emily Kinney from Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

Pete barges into the meeting swason kill Rick, accidentally kills Deanna’s husband instead. Michonne deadd Rick that they should read least check it out; Aaron leads the group to Alexandria’s gates.

Retrieved March 27, Their fight makes its way to the street as the entire town watches. Carl reveals he was bitten by a walker while escorting Siddiq to Alexandria. Laura Prudom of Episodw on her review of ” Conquer ” commented that ” Enid says the world belongs to the walkers, and humans just live in it.

Ezekiel isolates himself at the Kingdom, where Carol tries episodd encourage him to be the leader his people need. The Walking Dead’s been popular for years.