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Limawarty May 26 8: Tae-Sang’s men eventually finds the man and takes him back to the bookstore. They show on different days, but my ‘subjective’ view of these three dramas also agree with the ratings. Yet, my honest reaction to this drama includes some negativity, which I hesitate sharing, yet may be useful for those involved in scriptwriting and casting. HTS is too pitiful there is no one for him. However, could someone please explain to me the ending?

Too bad the guy is his own worst enemy, letting his love rival get too close to his love interest. I’m fine with the ending but i was thinking that taesang is living with his brother and his mother.. Nutella Mar 03 7: Sledge claimed that he allowed Lewis and Wright to take the writing credits because they gave him the opportunity “to sing his heart out”. Twas nice and heart wrenching while it lasted. Wouldn’t anyone ask such important questions to their closest and the most trusted people, namely their siblings or lovers? He also didn’t let his anger eat him up and take revenge to the people who hurt him but he tries to understand and forgive them.

You show no emotion. If you dont love him, then say no. I can tell this drama is going to end stupid like Fashion King. Low May 09 6: This story started out promising. Most of the Kdramas that I have watched was like this but at least both of the main lead olves were smiling at the end.

This has more to do with the differing personalities.

TS should leave her alone and find someone else who appreciates him. Tae Sang very clearly tells her like a broken record they are just friends. I actually love it except for shin sekyung’s role and acting. It’s not fair in the long run for any of them.

Would love to visit South Korea and meet the cast.

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I really didn’t like the Main Character’s Acting, I mean, she has womwn really messed up role but her acting just makes it so much worse. She also owed womam to the loan shark that Tae-Sang now works for. Karen May 30 Bintou Jun when a man loves a woman drama ost He brought his character to life, adding rich depth and beauty to the drama whenever he was in the scenes. I love all the actors’ acting – everyone did a fantastic job.

We feel sad the way he is treated and betrayed by Mi Do. Yes I got mad at Mi-do in the middle but there were motivations for her behavior. Hopefully this drama will have dramw good climax. Who Wouldn’t Realize That?

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At that time, the loan shark and his men came and beat Tae-Sang over his mother’s debt. An Jun 13 7: I mean, they look so CUTE! I told Calvin to go home and write some words. If i didn’t know better i would think the title was meant for jae hee.

Han Tae-Sang begins to feel love for the first time in his life. Pearly Jan 02 But this is life, it happens everyday. This page was last edited on 20 Juneat That if a good Person, God will not let bad things happen even many people around you always want to do Bad things to them. That is the why he worried for him when a man loves a woman drama ost much.

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She seems so dumb and such an easy girl Magdalena Aug 08 Qoman loan shark then learns of Tae-Sang’s actions and thinks he has now become soft. Nice plot two tumps up to the writer and all the cast. Maybe I haven’t watch that much of K-Drama myself.

Rei Jun 21 Itjust shows to me how wicked Mi Do is. Norlynor Jun 07 8: I seriously liked it from the beginning but now its beginning to be a piece of crap, manuscript, story line, and characters!

The viewer is always puzzled about her true feelings.

She can’t act for shit too. I hope the drama goes well and I hope at the end noone accept MiDo Character. Tae-Sang changed everything for Mi-Do and she keeps mistreating.

Something about her that’s very unlikable. I’m not satisfied with the ending of this drama coz it keeps me wondering if mido really turn back his feelings to tae sang. Emily When a man loves a woman drama ost May 13 1: She cant even straighten out her thoughts and be honest YWJ did a good job.

I was left hanging! Benita Apr 08 7: All the misunderstanding imposed on TS should be slowly all cleared up and TS will reunite with his family Mai May 24 6: The next day, Tae-Sang learns that the bookstore owner left a last will and disappeared.