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Andi, Agamemnon and Leo see that the Dyad Tree is losing its powers, and when Andi follows Leo’s order to return to her dormroom, she sees that a familiar face has arrived for her help. Emma wants Andi’s assistance to investigate the Dyad tree. Andi wants to go inside the tree, so Luke devises a plan to have her do so: Season 1, Episode 11 October 20, Season 1, Episode 15 October 26, Ruby then disguises Cameron as Agamemnon before he gives the speech to the students. Andi must train extra hard for the Guardian’s fitness final; Jessie and Emily’s feud escalates; Ruby discovers a risky spell to use on Andi. The Guardians receive a new shield-building assignment, but are partnered with different witches-in-training; Luke tries to woo Andi while under a spell.

Don’t you think it’s kind of weird that we have to go up against Andi? Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This is where I lost her signal. On the raft, Leo sees that he and Andi are heading towards the Bad Realm. Ruby’s team gets Spell Armor, which Cameron gave Ruby, to protect themselves, while attacking Andi’s team. Emma leaves afterwards because she must check on her human friends. Meanwhile, Emily and Jessie have to rescue Ethan; and the student body get ready for the Magic Melee. Andi, Ruby, Luke and all the Witches and Wizards-in-training must work together to reverse a switcheroo spell on Ethan and Emily; Ruby has everyone fooled.

WITS Academy

It was our first week here. Andi has to do chores as punishment for telling Jessie to use her powers, and while she does, Ruby asks her to help Ethan and Emily because Ethan switched their bodies.

Emily opens a bottle that allows Jessie, Ethan and Ben to free them with a spell cause her powers got strong enough. Retrieved October 19, Meanwhile, Ben attempts to emulate Luke; Andi tries to retrieve Jessie’s powers; and Ruby works at sharpening her newly acquired powers.

Retrieved from ” https: Andi arrives at the academy and meets her fellow guardians, as well as the witches in training in the series premiere of this spin-off of “Every Witch Way. Retrieved October 9, Andi and Kim must now figure out why Ruby has powers.

Her Darkest Secret is the thirteenth episode of W. Ruby, don’t take too much; you don’t need vull. Retrieved September 29, The Guardians receive a new shield-building assignment, but are partnered with different witches-in-training; Luke tries to woo Andi while under a spell.

WITS Academy – Season 1, Episode 13:Her Darkest Secret

Archived from the original wits academy season 1 episode 13 full episode October 9, Retrieved October 21, Ready Player One 6. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Andi and Leo see the shack’s caretaker, but Ben successfully goes through a portal Sean and Gracie make and Jessie helps holdand they all return to the Academy.

Retrieved from ” http: When Ruby takes much of the magic sap from fukl Dyad Tree’s roots, leaves fall onto sexson atrium ground. Explore Wikis Community Central. Andi and Jessie then call Emma and Jax to see if they’re okay, and they are.

Archer know about this place, no way! During intermission, Agamemnon and Cameron check on the Dyad Tree, and Cameron makes sure no one gets near the tree, but Ruby gets more of the tree’s magic and gets trapped inside it instead; Cameron tells Agamemnon, and Emily and Ethan follow him.

Season 1, Episode 4 October 8, We’re like a buddy cop movie, you know? You can always come back. However, they’re all unknowingly playing into Ruby’s plot.

Cameron gets sad about this, but Ruby says, “You haven’t seen the last of me,” and kisses him on the cheek. Andi and Leo cross into the Bad Realm on a raft. Meanwhile, Andi changes her mind about seaon out with Luke, as the Guardians test their shields.

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Eventually, Jessie and Ben discover that “Andi” isn’t the wits academy season 1 episode 13 full episode Andi. She then mentions that she is missing something, something she was afraid of doing, and finally, she and Luke kiss for the first time and become a couple.

Meanwhile, Rubi uses her Andi clone to frame the real Andi for a crisis involving the Dyad tree. The Handmaid’s Tale 7. Emily touches the tree and gets trapped inside as well, so Agamemnon tells Ethan to get help. Meanwhile, Andi decides to work with Leo to capture Miss Foiler so she can get her Amulet back, and they go to the room where the Dyad Tree’s roots are. Three Queens, Two Tigers 6. Laura San Giacomo 5.